WHISPERS FROM HEAVEN … Can love find a way? #TCKbooks

Whispers from Heaven

Can love find a way?

Arianna and Tristan are both struggling to come to terms with a great loss; one that is having a detrimental effect on their future. With all the emotions that come with being a new mother followed by feelings of immense grief and mourning the death of her partner, Arianna is struggling each and every day. Lost in her world of grieving, she is struggling with moving forward.

Tristan, her baby’s uncle, is by her side, giving her his unwavering support, as promised to his brother before he passed away. His only brother, his only family; now gone forever. Tristan has fallen irrevocably and undeniably in love with Arianna, unbeknownst to her. Through loyalty to his dead brother, he struggles daily to suppress his feelings, not wanting to scare Arianna away.

Baby Ben is all the family he has left now and if being friends with Arianna is all there ever will be then he will suffer in silence.

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About the author:


D.G. Torrens was born in England, United Kingdom. She is married with a four year old daughter. Her first book, “Amelia’s Story” (the authors true life story) has inspired people all over the world. A percentage of all sales from “Amelia’s Story” and her second book “Amelia’s Destiny” goes to the NSPCC and Barnardos. These are both children’s charities which are very close to the authors heart. The author has also published two romance novels, BROKEN WINGS and TEARS OF ENDURANCE. In addition to all this D.G. Torrens has published a collection of poems inspired by her own experiences and life in general called HEART AND MIND, and an anthology of poetry for all soldiers, past and present, entitled MILITARY BOOTS.





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