***Inspired by actual events.

After two decades of marriage, you think you know him, but what if you don’t? When an author’s nightmare becomes reality

Katie and Jake Parker seem like a couple to be envied. Jake is a first responder and travels the states attending motorcycle charity rides for the wounded while Katie writes and markets her books. Most of their time is spent at their seasonal waterfront cottage with friends who also vacation there. Life is great until a stalker starts showing up at Katie’s book signings and leaving disparaging posts on her fan page.

She tries to ignore the sightings, but then her entire world is shattered when salacious images and videos show up on her home computer and her dog is harmed by the intruder. The humiliation deepens when two police officers show up at the cottage to inform her that the woman in the videos was murdered and she is the number one suspect.

When Katie investigates, what she discovers is beyond anything she could imagine. How much betrayal does one woman have to endure before she’s driven to do the unthinkable? The stalker doesn’t just want her life turned upside down, she wants her dead.

She thought he was her forever … so did they.

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