CR HIATT writes action-oriented stories with strong female characters as the heroes that were originally inspired by true stories.

The daughter of a military veteran, CR grew up in a small town where she became an All-American athlete. She knew early on that she wasn’t cut out for the nine-to-five type of job – her tendency to daydream about adventures often got in the way. Being the daughter of a Navy Veteran she also knew one had to do what was necessary to be secure, so she disciplined herself to push those dreams aside and settled on working in the entertainment legal field. When those dreams invaded her world once again, CR finally gave in and set out to write her own adventures.

The journey started after she interviewed big city detectives and then talked with victims from cases they investigated. Those interviews and stories of the victims introduced her to the horrific crimes of stalking and human and sex trafficking, which were the topics of her series, featuring Katie Parker. The novels are works of fiction, only based on actual events, but you can’t help but wonder while reading the books which parts are true.

Her latest work is a children’s fantasy adventure entitled: The Great Puppy Escape – The Adventures of Belle and Bubba. The tale was created and written using reality of her own Golden Retriever’s early life before she was adopted. The book is currently up for pre-order at The book is for children, mostly middle-grade, but anyone who loves dogs and adventure will enjoy it.

When CR isn’t writing, she enjoys renovating houses, spending time outdoors riding with an ebike group, and playing with her Golden Retriever, Annabelle. She is a huge supporter of the military and first responders.

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