A wounded soldier on the ground… MILITARY BOOTS by D.G. Torrens


We have all been touched by war at some time during our lives. Whether it by a grandfather who served during WWII or a brother who is currently serving in Afghanistan. Or maybe a friend of a friend who is deployed somewhere in the world doing their best to serve their country.

War inevitably affects each and every one of us, maybe not always directly but certainly indirectly. My collection of poems is for all our soldiers past and present, living or dead. They are all brave heroes and should never be forgotten for the hard job they are faced with on a daily basis. This collection is also for the lovers, mothers, sisters and brothers who get left behind.

The innocent will always need protecting…


D.G. Torrens is the author of six books which she has written over the past three years with a toddler in tow! Her latest release, “MILITARY BOOTS” is an anthology of war poetry, which shows the world in which our soldiers live while out on operations and how they deal with returning home. D.G. Torrens currently lives in Birmingham, United Kingdom with her husband and four year old daughter.

The author is also a member of RABMAD, “Read a book make a difference” where a group of like minded authors donate a percentage of their sales to their chosen charity.

Books by D.G. Torrens:

Amelia’s Story
Amelia’s Destiny
Heart & Mind
Broken Wings
Tears of Endurance
Whispers from Heaven (Coming Soon)

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Featured today: Contemporary War Romance, BROKEN WINGS … and it’s #FREE



Starting today and continuing until midnight on June 30th, 2013, the touching and emotional romance novel, “Broken Wings” by D.G. Torrens FREE!

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This is a beautiful romance story of love, loss and undying hope. Broken Wings will stir up your emotions and much more. Follow Joshua and Angelina as they embark on an incredible emotional journey which will surely tug at your heart strings.

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“This book is an incredible piece of writing by an author who is at the top of her game.”

“D.G.Torrens does not only give an amazingly detailed and realistic account of this long distance love affair but wonderfully engulfs you with such a subtle natural force to become emotionally attached to the heartbreaking adventure that unfolds.”

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More about the author:

DawnI have written my autobiography for my daughter – this has taken me on the most amazing journey! Amelia’s Story and Amelia’s Destiny is my life story told over two books. Following the release of these two books I also published a poetry collection called “Heart and Mind”.  I have just completed my fourth book, “Broken Wings”.   This is a contemporary war/romance and it’s now available on Amazon. I am currently working on my fifth book, “Tears of Endurance,” this is  romantic drama and will be released in August 2013.




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New Cover: Lethal Hostages (Mcswain & Beck #3)






Patriotism. Heroism. Sacrifice.

Jake Logan, Sydney McSwain’s father, was 18-years-old (the same age that she is now) when he chose to enlist in the military to serve his country. Before he turned twenty-five, he had been the recipient of medals for his heroic deeds and saving countless lives, and then recruited into covert ops.

On the day of Sydney’s birth, he was on a mission abroad, charged with the task of taking down a terrorist on the FBI and CIA’s most wanted list. When a raid on the compound went horribly wrong, members of the terrorist’s family deemed it their life mission to track down the covert ops unit, and issued an ‘Order of Death’ on their heads.

To keep his family safe, Sydney’s father disappeared from their lives, and years passed without any trouble.

Until now…

After her mother died, Sydney found her father. Now, they were back together, trying to bond from the years of absence. Invited to attend a week of spy games, with Sydney and Cody (McSwain & Beck) learning the ropes of covert ops, the make-believe mission quickly turned into the real thing when Jake was lured into a trap, leaving the covert op trainees responsible for saving their lives.

But now that the terrorists knew of her identity, was Sydney the one they were after?

Short story: IN HIS BOOTS


When I was growing up, there was always a white index card taped to the refrigerator door with the following quote: “To truly understand a man, first you must walk in his shoes.” Like all kids, I didn’t give the words a second thought – at least not until I became a man…

Fog hovered over the cemetery like a thick blanket of doom to the already dismal day. Hundreds of Firefighters wearing Class-A uniforms; were lined up on the grounds with their hands in a steady salute toward the wooden casket holding the man they called a hero.

My name is John Travis Ryan … that man was my father.

I sat next to my Mom with an arm draped around her for support. Her eyes were bloodshot red with more tears threatening to spill at the sound of Taps playing in the background. We watched, stoically, as Pallbearers folded the American Flag into a triangular shape with only the blue field showing. The Honor Guard handed the flag to the Chief who then presented it to my mom, as he offered his condolences. He then gave me a firm handshake. “Your father was a good man, J.T.,” the chief said to me, using the term that everyone at the firehouse called me. “You’re the man in the house now.”

I nodded, solemnly. “Yes sir, Chief,” I responded out of respect. The chief had no idea what was going on in my mind. How could he? To the Chief, and all the firefighters who flew in to pay tribute, my father was a fellow brother. One who stood on the front line; went in when others were running out, no matter what the call. He was a man who put the uniform first, and the lives of others in front of his own.

To me, he was the man who put the job ahead of his family.  Selfish of me, I know, but I was angry. From as far back as I could remember; he was never around. Between the two 24-hour shifts at the firehouse, training with the teams (Dive Team, Water Rescue, Ice Rescue, Search & Rescue – there was always a team); then being on call when the alarm sounded – birthdays, holidays, scouts, and every sporting event that mattered to me. If there was a storm, crises or catastrophe, mom and I were on our own, while he was off helping others. On the rare occasions he was home; all we did was bump heads. Mom tried to make me understand.  For years, she tried explaining that some people just have a calling, like soldiers who choose to go off to war. “Being a fireman was your father’s calling” she said, “helping those in distress.”

That only angered me more.  “Just face it, mom,” I snapped at her during one of our final arguments on the subject. “He chose the fire service over us. He sacrificed us; period, end of story.” Then I stormed off, and headed into the garage. That was when I noticed a box with my father’s name on it. I had never seen it before.  Curious, I looked inside. My Mom had cleared out his locker at the firehouse. His bunker gear, helmet, and fire boots were inside, along with a newspaper article:


A loud crashing noise interrupted my concentration, and shook the house. I peered out through the garage door window, and saw the front end of a car ripped like an accordion into a tree. Electrical wires dangled, sparks shot out from underneath, and the female driver was unconscious – her head planted on the steering wheel. I was immediately worried about a fire, and knew I had to help.

At the same time I was punching 911 on my cell phone, I threw on the bunker gear, and stepped into the boots. As I charged outside, hoping to get the woman to safety, the words on the index card hit me like a ton of bricks.

“To truly understand a man, first you must walk in his shoes…”


P.S. This is a shortened version of the Kindle short story entitled IN HIS BOOTS, which will be available on Amazon, soon. I originally posted this on the blog site for #BestSellingReads. After receiving a number of DM’s on Twitter, I decided to add it to my own site.

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