GRAY VENGEANCE by Alan Mcdermott is clearly a 5-star read…

Gray Vengeance

Review of GRAY VENGEANCE by Alan McDermott:

As an avid fan of the Tom Gray thrillers, the publisher graciously gave me an advanced copy for an unbiased review.

Gray Vengeance not only equaled the first four books in the series, but went above and beyond, reminding me of fiction heroes of the same ilk fighting terrorists in the US, such as Scott Horvath and Mitch Rapp—admittedly two of my favorites. This is an intelligent thriller that rings eerily true in today’s world, and makes you immediately wonder how far from reality are the events depicted, and could truth really be stranger than fiction if they were actually played out.

Without giving away too many spoilers, the story starts off by introducing the reader to disenchanted men who want to wreak havoc to their homeland and somebody with the financial means to do so, is behind the scene pulling the strings. As training commences to pull off coordinated terrorist attacks all across the United Kingdom, Tom Gray has his daughter glued to his side in an attempt to keep her safe from the threats he knows are still out there by a nemesis that continues to evade the law. Holding true to the author’s past books, the reader also continues to see the loyalty between Tom Gray and his team, his friendship with Harvey, and how far he is willing to go to keep his country safe.

Gray Vengeance is a fast-paced thriller you won’t want to miss and will keep you thinking through the entire story.

Excellent and highly recommended by this reader.




An African militia has a new leader – and Tom Gray has a deadly new problem.

Da Sunan Annabi has a ruthless new leader whose aim is to train British nationals to bring England to its knees.

As their plans unfold with deadly precision and Britain is crippled by a series of attacks, the government is forced to deploy its new secret weapon: a surveillance network that can spy on nearly every human being on earth. It is nearly foolproof – but is it ethical? And does that even matter now?

Soon, Tom Gray and his daughter are in the militia’s sights, and their lives depend on Gray finding the man behind the recent atrocities. His desperate search leads him to Africa and Cuba, for a final showdown with an enemy he could never have imagined.

Gray Vengeance, the fifth book in the action-packed Tom Gray series, leaves you breathless until the very end.

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