Cover Reveal for SPY GAMES

What would you do if you were forced to choose who lived or died; the man who mentored you your entire life, or the father you just met who gave you life?

On the day Sydney was born, her father, Jake Logan, was on a covert mission abroad; charged with the task of taking down the leader of a vicious cartel involved in terrorist activities and on the FBI’s most wanted list. When a raid on the compound went horribly wrong members of the terrorist’s family deemed it a mission to track down the covert ops unit, and issued an ‘Order of Death’ on their heads. To keep his family safe, Jake disappeared from their lives, and years passed without any trouble.

Until now…

After her mother died Sydney searched for her father and now they were back together, trying to bond after years of absence. Invited to a month of spy games, with Sydney and Cody learning the ropes of covert ops, they’re unexpectedly thrust into a live mission when Jake and his team were lured into a trap.  Join them as they cross the Pacific to an unknown island, escape and evade lunatics chasing them through the jungle, and ultimately attempt to infiltrate the dangerous compound whose owner is more deadly than any predator they’ve ever seen.