COVER REVEAL for COERCED coming late October #ArtKNB



On landing at New Orleans’ International Airport, Omega Airlines 737 goes off the end of the runway. The investigation into the incident reveals the crew rushed to land before an approaching thunderstorm.

Months later, reporter Stacy Greenier confronts Omega Airlines 737 Fleet Manager, Kyle Masters, asking pointed questions. Her mysterious behavior makes Kyle reluctant to contemplate the issues she questions until evidence is hidden from him, and his questions are answered with vague replies. People involved in the incident begin dying.

With the help of NTSB Investigator Lori Almond, Kyle learns there’s more to the incident than a crew rushing to land.

Cover art created by David C. Cassidy, author of Velvet Rain and Fosgate’s Game.

About the author:

Dana GriffinI have been flying professionally for over twenty-five years, the last fifteen for a major U.S. airline. I love the complexity of aviation, and the joy of looking down on this beautiful planet.

Right up with my love of flying, is my passion for books. I enjoys thrillers the most, but adore almost any other genre if the story immerses me into the scenes, the characters are fascinating and their interactions realistic, and the plot complicated. Authors that throw humor into the story naturally will keep me buying their books. Since I’ve always played what Stephen King calls, “let’s pretend,” it was natural for me to consider penning the next great American novel.

I put off writing for one reason or another throughout my life. When middle age set in, I decided to pursue this passion. I’d rather go through life trying to achieve my dreams then sit on the sidelines watching them pass by me.
I live in Kentucky with my wife, and two dogs. When not flying or writing, we love to travel in our fifth wheel camper, hike, ski, jet-ski, and build furniture.
Dana’s first book:
The Cover Up

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